About us

Your one-stop partner for cosmetics, personal care & home essentials.

BB Concept has been a committed partner in providing high quality cosmetics, body care and household products to customers around the world since 2002.

As a trading company in Belgium, we offer our suppliers modern solutions for logistical challenges.

Thanks to our expert employees, we are able to serve more than 600 customers with A-brand stocklots, brand and private label products. Our passionate team works with determination, flexibility and care to deliver the products to our customers and partners.


Nico Biesemans

General Manager


Manuel Bruyneel

Sales Manager

Wim Cochez

Account Manager


Yves Cruyeniers

Purchasing Manager


Stefan De Ridder

Logistics Manager

Brecht Neukermans

Office Administrator

Cindy Vanderpoorten

Project Manager

Lorie De Cock

Sales Assistant

Karine Van de Velde

Sales Assistant

Joke Willems

Finance Manager


Dries Verwimp

Warehouse Manager

Wouter Eeckhout

Warehouse Manager

Lek Kuci

Warehouse Manager

Thierry Van Eeckhaut

Warehouse Worker

Arne Hanssens

Warehouse Worker

Jordan Redant

Warehouse Worker